Apple customer support has reported to users that iPadOS will trigger boot loops on iPad Pro and media playback of the hugely popular MP4 / MPEG-4 container format is broken for iPad and iPhone owners as well as that reports of high battery drain.

Breaking the former, AppleInsider says the 10.5-inch iPad Pro is most frequently affected by reboots that occur "between 30 seconds and 45 seconds after logging in."To others, complete factory resets and even putting devices in DFU mode didn't solve the problem. Ironically, this affecting iPhones often has isolated news, although the problem tends to cover all iPadOS / iOS 13.4.1 and 13.5 for users who have been affected.

It's a similar story with MP4 playback covering both 13.4.1 and 13.5 and impacting users lost access to their video libraries (1,2,3,4,5 etc) with native apps and third-party applications such as NPlayer and InFuse.Although in iOS 11 Apple moved video recording to HEVC by default, support for this remains mixed so converting it to MP4 (still the world's most common container format) is a popular choice.

“I reported this to Apple and the only suggestion they gave me that I hadn’t already tried was to delete and reinstall the tv app. But that did not help. Good luck to all of us!” An impacted user reported yesterday.
There's no timetable for a patch for either problem as it stands, but Apple looks likely to prioritize an iPadOS / iOS 13.5.1 update after a zero-day vulnerability has been discovered that enables users to jail their iPhones. This vulnerability is also affecting every iOS version since iOS 11.
But I will also recommend upgrading to iPadOS / iOS 13.5 for users. The bugs here can also affect previous versions of iOS, while the latest update patches a significant bug in Apple Mail that affects every iPad and iPhone ever made. In addition, their Coronavirus-specific updates could just save your life.