Amazon says it has removed racist-language images from some headphone pages on its UK website, reports The Financial Times. Users posted screenshots of the "AirPods" and "bluetooth headphones" search results that appeared on the e-commerce website on Twitter. The search results showed pictures that included the N-word, rather than photos of headphones.
The listings appeared to be limited to the UK site, and appeared on new Amazon sellers' pages, most of whom had few or no customer reviews, the FT reported.

The photos didn't appear on Amazon's UK website as of Sunday morning. "Our store maintains content standards that third-party sellers are expected to obey," a spokesperson for the Amazon said on Sunday in an email to The Verge. "We investigated the matter as soon as it was posed, deleted the photos in question and took action against the bad actor."
Amazon needs third-party vendors to meet its guidelines on content, or risk losing their accounts.