The Call of Duty League (CDL) revealed that you would soon be able to receive in-game bonuses, or "drops," for watching CDL broadcasts, and the Overwatch League has also outlined its drop plans.The announcements follow the multi-year deal announced by Activision Blizzard and YouTube in January that transformed the Google-owned video site into the exclusive streaming partner for Activision's Esport Leagues.

According to a CDL blog post, to win the incentives for watching CDL, you'll need to watch live matches on the CDL website or the Call of Duty Companion app when logging into your Activision account. The incentives will include, and will be cross-platform, team emblems, sprays, and animated calling cards.

And after promising drops for Tuesday's Overwatch Match, Blizzard has now explained how they'll work. You'll be able to win League Tokens beginning Friday by watching Overwatch League matches on the league's website , mobile site, and app while logging in to your account.Such tokens can be exchanged on any platform for in-game goods, but if you're a console player, you'll need to connect your Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, or Nintendo account to your account to use the tokens.

Overwatch League offered declines when it was streaming solely on Twitch, and now that the league is broadcasting on YouTube, it is not shocking to see similar features offered again. And Call of Duty and Overwatch won't even be the first games to use the drops feature of YouTube — Epic Games offered free Fortnite cosmetics to watch last July on YouTube at the Fortnite World Cup.In addition to Activision, drops have been a massively effective tool to help fellow heavyweight Riot Games players create momentum for their upcoming beta tactical shooter Valorant. Riot initially gave the beta to a small number of users, and eventually gave more keys to viewers who tap into Valorant streams via drops.Those hoping to get coveted beta access to Valorant played the game in April for an eyewatering 334 million hours.

It seems unlikely that Call of Duty League and Overwatch League would get some similar numbers for their in-game rewards as Riot gave access to an unreleased test game that was far more in demand. But the drops may inspire more fans to tune in live matches to get some loot in the game.