This week Adobe launches a new update to Premiere Pro that provides acceleration of the hardware for Nvidia GPUs. The 14.2 update provides GPU-accelerated encoding using Nvidia 's hardware encoder for the company's Quadro and GeForce graphics cards, meaning video editors will upload high-resolution videos up to 5 times faster than using the CPU alone.The changes often refer to the Media Encoder, After Effects, and Audition software from Adobe.

Premiere Pro has long been supporting Nvidia's CUDA cores to accelerate video effects and even boost export times, but this recent update optimizes the software to use the independent hardware encoder on the Nvidia GPUs. It will increase the export times for codecs with H.264 or H.265 / HEVC."These developments are the culmination of years of partnership between Nvidia and Adobe to provide creators with high-quality applications and tools," says Manish Kulkarni, Adobe 's senior engineering manager. "With new support for NVIDIA GPUs on Windows, exports are accelerated hardware that leverages the GPU's strength to make Premiere Pro more competitive and keep video creators efficient and agile."

Adobe's new updates now provide support for Apple's ProRes RAW format in both Premium Pro and After Effects, ensuring that video editors using Windows can now import RAW files from ProRes without transcoding them. Using Nvidia's CUDA cores this is also accelerated.

For this latest service, both Adobe and Nvidia are promising major changes in encoding times. Nvidia reports that a simple 4 K transcode will drop to 4 minutes and 45 seconds using an RTX 2060, compared to 11 minutes and 43 seconds using an Intel Core i9-9750H Processor with software encoding.