A mobile banking malware called "EventBot" that steals personal financial information can affect Android phone users in India, a recent advisory from the Federal Cyber Security Agency

The CERT-In has issued a warning stating that the Trojan virus may "masquerade as a legitimate application such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Flash, and others that use sites downloaded by third parties to infiltrate into victim computers."

A Trojan is a virus or malware that cheats a victim to stealthily attack its computer or phone-operating system.

"It's a Trojan mobile banking and info-stealer who abuses the built-in accessibility features of Android to steal user data from financial applications, read user SMS messages and intercept SMS messages, allowing malware to bypass two-factor authentication," said the CERT-In advisory.
India's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) is the national technology arm for combating cyber attacks and watching over Indian cyber space.

"EventBot," it said, targets over 200 different financial applications at present, including banking applications, money transfer services, and cryptocurrency wallets, or financial applications focused in the U.S. and Europe region, but some of their services can also impact Indian users.
The virus "is largely targeting financial applications such as PayPal Business, Revolute, Barclays, UniCredit, CapitalOne UK, HSBC UK, TransferWise, Coinbase, paysafecard etc.," said the CERT-In.

Though "EventBot" has not been "used" on Google Play Store until now, the agency has said it can "masquerade" as a genuine mobile device.