With most countries imposing mandatory lockdowns to counter further COVID-19 spread, social media has become the primary avenue for individuals to connect with each other. At a time when the cumulative daily activity across all social media platforms is at an all-time high, Facebook, one of the world's largest technology companies, has been continually rolling out new features across several of its own services, including WhatsApp and Instagram, to help users better connect. Here's a list of all newly released apps from Facebook , WhatsApp and Instagram.

Messenger Rooms: Recently , Facebook has introduced its own video conferencing solution to rival famous players such as Zoom, Google Meet, etc., known as Messenger Rooms, which can accommodate up to 50 callers without time limit. Additionally, even if he / she doesn't have a Facebook account, one can build or participate in a Messenger Rooms call through the Messenger app.

Extended support for Facebook's campaign to benefit small businesses: all sticker packs released on Facebook are also available on Instagram, and if one of these stickers is used on someone's Insta story, all of these stories are clubbed together under Instagram's sticker story to allow users to recognize and support small businesses around.

Increase in number of participants allowed on video call: WhatsApp permitted only four participants in a video call at a time for a long time, but this cap was lifted at the end of April, enabling up to eight participants to encourage broader contact during the lockdown.