After first releasing them globally last year, Facebook is now rolling out its customizable avatars in the US. Like Bitmoji or Memoji from Apple, avatars give a way to express yourself through a virtual look (or whatever character you want to create). According to Facebook's Fidji Simo, they can be used "in comments, videos, Messenger-and soon text posts with backgrounds." They can also be seen on your gaming profile on Facebook.

"There is so much of our interactions going online these days, which is why it's more important than ever to be able to express yourself directly on Facebook," Simo wrote. "It's important to us that you can customize your avatar so it's your special, authentic self, that's why we're also adding new customizations — such as new hairstyles, complexions, and outfits." Facebook's avatars debuted last June in Australia.

During quarantine and stay-at - home orders across the globe, Facebook has seen a surge in use, which has resulted in increased screen time and social media interaction. The company launched Messenger Rooms last month, its own alternative to video chats with the Zoom and Houseparty. WhatsApp has also expanded the overall number of video call users to improve people's lives as the COVID-19 pandemic goes on.

You may start creating an avatar by heading to the Facebook or Messenger comment composer, by tapping on the smiley icon, then the tab on the sticker. Choose "Build your Avatar."