Apple is expected to hold its annual "Worldwide Developers Conference 2020" in June this year. But it was agreed to go online because of the coronavirus which the world is currently facing. The event will introduce the world to Apple's new technology and new devices.
Apple said it "will host its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June...[in] an entirely new online format." In the next few days, Apple says it will unveil a plan which will explain how this system operates and how it can get along.

Each year only developers of Apple applications will attend this conference. For that we are also selling $1,600 (£1,280) tickets. For this initiative an annual budget of $ 1 m (£800,000) is set aside. The case takes place in San Jose, California.
The keynote speech will be delivered by Apple's CEO Tim Cook. This makes streaming live over the internet.

When the majority of the world's countries compete against coronavirus. Avoiding large gatherings is an essential part of a lot of advice on public health. In the last year, Apple Developers have participated in this case in 155 countries.

Which helps prevent the spread of the new virus, COVID-19, and social isolation by implementing an online campaign which helps prevent people from coming into contact with others.Owing to the coronavirus virus, this year's WWDC 2020 case is the moment that much of the world's tech populations interact with each other.