Xiaomi aims to launch the first 150MP camera worldwide by the end of 2020. We expect this to be a really appealing look, as Xiaomi is one of China's most popular mobile device manufacturers.The branches are located all around the world. One of the most popular tipsters, or regular knowledge gatherer, Ice Universe, shared a Weibo post claiming Samsung plans to launch a 150MP camera sensor later this year.

Xiaomi will be the first smartphone manufacturer to use the technical know-how it has built day by day to integrate the new 150MP sensor into mobile phones. Xiaomi, an ISOCELL sensor with 150MP, will launch in the fourth quarter of this year, he said.

Xiaomi was the first brand to use the Samsung 108MP ISOCELL Bright HMX Sensor on the Mi CC9 Pro / Mi Note 10 last year, so it is speculated that the next high-resolution sensor from Samsung will be available from a Xiaomi device for the first time.