The leaked measurements of iPhone 12 suggest that it may be smaller than the current iPhone SE with a full-size display.

As Forbes first reported, Koroy says "We were totally wrong with the sizing of the 5.4-inch... Actually looking at the sizing in relation to the other iPhone sizes, this thing is small." He goes on to say that the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 "will be a ridiculously popular device."

Why should this be so popular, then? Imagine a handset that is smaller than the near full screen iPhone SE 2020. For reference, the new iPhone SE measures 5.43 x 2.65 inches, while the iPhone 12 5.4-inch reportedly has dimensions of 5.15 x 2.51 inches. We don't have the size but we knew the iPhone 12 would be smaller than the iPhone 11.

The monitor of the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 would be smaller and wider than the screen of the iPhone SE to achieve such measurements, but the former would still be very easy to use with one side. The disparity in aspect ratio for the iPhone 12 will be 19.5:9, compared with 16:9 for the iPhone SE. And the latest screen for the iPhone 12 will have a ratio similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S20 (20:9).

Those are notable trade-offs, but think about how much phone you'd get with the 12 5.4-inch iPhone for the money, which is rumored to start at just $649. You'll get the blazing new A14 Bionic processor from Apple which will blow the best Android phones away once.

Add it all up and if the leaks and rumors prove accurate, the entry-level iPhone 12 could be the best-selling iPhone ever.