Work and personal video calling are growing in the face of COVID-19, with Google announcing last month a handful of new Duo features to meet the demand. Google Duo will soon add web calling groups and sharing links, as well as a family mode.

At the end of March, Google increased group sizes in Duo from 8 to 12, with plans to lift the number even higher to 32 callers in the "coming weeks." This morning, a "modern interface that allows you to see more people at the same time" was expected. There is a six person square grid and underneath there is a carousel of faces that you can navigate through.

The company today announced that Duo on the web will soon support group calls after being limited to Android and iOS. This will start as a preview on Chrome.

In the meantime, you'll be able to invite someone with a Google Account with a link to the group conversation instead of selecting any contact you want on advance. That's close to the approach taken by Google Meet, which is now open to free users.

There is a new "family mode" to make video chatting more kid-friendly. Fun features include doodling that anyone will see on the screen, as well as filters and masks that will also be available for one-to-one conversations.

Such new updates coincide with the release of a whimsical "Anyone can do Google Duo" ad that highlights the service's multi-platform nature and web community calls.