The first thing I notice when I pick up Ballie is how light it is: It's about the size of a hefty grapefruit but much less dense. Ballie's plastic, scalloped frame gives a sense of playfulness to this otherwise undescribed ball, one that would not have been possible if Samsung had gone ahead with the cloth finish it was considering first.

The small ball, which bears similarity to the Star Wars franchise's much loved BB-8 robot, is designed to act as a personal assistant around the home. Samsung also hopes that the device will be a hit with pet owners, as it can be used when owners are out of the house to entertain and monitor pets.

Samsung has not yet revealed the product's price or release date, but the firm hopes that robots like Ballie will soon become our "living companions" around the house.

In addition, the company plans to launch Ballie alongside other products such as GEMS, a device that connects to Galaxy smartphones and AR Glasses to create a "fully personalized" workout, utilizing "human-centered approach to innovation."