Xiaomi tries to collect the amount of information from local smart phone application. According to the reports the amount of user data goes usage analytics to identifiable info. This news tries to broke the web with complaints saying the company was trying to violate user’s privacy.

Forbes states that Xiaomi’s Mi Browser collects private information from the user’s visit sites. It includes almost search engine queries and items viewed in the news feed. The most horrible complain is that company has been collecting these minute data while in the incognito mode also.

Though incognito mode is untraceable browsing mode, hence it wasn’t the case with Mi Browser. It uses Base 64 ending which is easily crack able while the browser collecting user data. Report goes further and says the information was being sent to remote servers in Russia and Singapore.

Forbes states that the other Mi Browser Pro and Mint Browser also had the same power to collect data.


The company responded to those allegations after the buzz denying any of Forbes' published facts. The organization reports that one of its top priorities was always user privacy and internet security. The organization has clarified its data processing methods in an attempt to make sure it is not what it looks like. In fact, the organization says consumers shouldn't believe in "incorrect news" that disgraces its reputation.

According to the company report, Xiaomi gathers two data types: aggregated consumption statistics data and user data syncs for browsing. The latter contains details such as the history of browsing data that synchronizes when user signs in and when data sync feature is switched on. The former includes device data, expectations, use of user interface functions, responsiveness and so on. A lot of popular browsers do the same, according to the company.

In addition, the company notes that while in Incognito mode, it is not collecting user information, or history. The business posted its browser program code as proof for making it more plausible. Despite the response from the client, the Forbes researchers remain unconvinced. The company also gathers data about the phone for them, including unique numbers to distinguish the specific device and Android edition.

We'll have to wait for now and see how this case goes forward. You can download and install other browsers through the Google Play Store, if you feel unsafe with Mi Browser. It's interesting to see those stories come a few days after the MIUI 12 reveal. With the latest app, the company is promising a latest level of protection with a bunch of new features and even a new brand based on privacy.