Hero Electronix has announced the launch of the Qubo COVID guard feature for it’s connected smart cameras. With COVID-19 changing the way business is done and people communicating with others, healthy and sanitized environments are essential for businesses and households to manage the health crisis in full accordance with the WHO / ICMR guidelines.COVID Guard is an AI-based application developed by Qubo's dedicated research & development team.This technology will initially be available to detect and warn non-compliance with Qubo's stable camera platforms.Qubo will collaborate with Zenatix as its business partner for the enterprise industry.Zenatix is a leading company for IoT products, and a member of Hero Electronix.

The two main aspects of compliance with safety and health are wearing a mask and doing social distancing to help avoid the spread of the infection. Qubo's Q-eye AI software can reliably recognize and detect whether or not an employee wears a mask or conducts social distance. The built-in speakers also will sound a warning message to the employee asking him / her to wear a mask. This feature helps the store owners to calculate the extent of health and safety enforcement at their respective stores without the inconvenience of having to do so in-person for smaller retailers or Kirana stores that already sell the products to communities. The COVID guard has been designed to be used by businesses such as cloud kitchens, stores, office workplaces, small retail stores etc where there is a large congregation of individuals in closed confined spaces and households as well. For households, the feature guarantees peace of mind by restricting unauthorized access into their homes.

Implementing the COVID Guard with Qubo cameras for companies will not only ensure their employees' well-being but also remove the trouble of manually implementing health and safety protocols. Qubo COVID guard will be available in a range of Qubo Smart cameras at an affordable price point of 55$ over the next 45 days.