Why NeoRhythm,
Our brain has a marvelous capacity to adapt its own brainwaves to external
frequencies – the conscious process of doing so is called brainwave entertainment.
That's why a quiet song makes you relax, a train trip can make you feel sleepy.

By using brainwave stimulation to activate the brain to function at different frequencies,NeoRhythm helps you get quicker and easier into the desired state of mind.

How does it work,
=> First pick the ideal state of mind from: De-stress, Energize, Sleep, Concentrate, Meditate, Grip pain.

=> Position NeoRythm to one of the 5 suggested locations on your head.

=> Control via app or gesture-control.

The Science behind it,
Brainwave stimulation is the method of motivating the brain to respond to external stimuli-in the case of NeoRhythm, these stimuli come in the form of different frequency electromagnetic pulses.

NeoRhythm emits frequencies that are typical for a given state of mind.The brain adapts to these levels, becoming quicker
and easier to achieve the desired state of mind.