This took a while, particularly given the number of people who are searching for easy ways to communicate and video conferencing these days, but Microsoft has finally developed a version for personal use of its business teams software. The software is officially only available for ios devices (iOS and Android), and is known to be in beta.

What follows is a quick way to communicate with friends and family by using teams. Only iOS and Android are available; the two applications are incredibly similar. The only difference could be in putting the "Launch new conversation" button, say.

The software contains a number of means of communication: conversation, audio-only, and video. Anyone taking part will have the software on their computer, and you do need a Microsoft account (which is fairly easy to sign up for).

You 're now at the Teams home page. To start a chat, press
the pencil / paper button. Teams encourage you to communicate over email, audio, or video.

A number of icons at the bottom allow you to check in on
your different activities (such as updates to tasks), go to a chat, access your diary, or access your OneDrive files. At the end, a "More" icon allows you access to your camera (letting you take photographs, copy business cards, etc.), display a list of your calls and assignments, and use a "secure" to store confidential details in an encrypted region.

If you have identified the person or individuals with whom you would like to talk, click "Send Invite." They will get a note that you are beginning a conversation, and they will be invited to access Teams(assuming they
have not already done so). You should get a message after they've signed in that they want to speak with you so you can either approve it or deny it.