The incoming Pixel 4A sounds like it's going to be a tough bargain to beat for those who don't need a luxury handset, with a reported $349 tag, OLED screen, Google 's great camera, and a decent enough processor. And it looks like the phone will arrive on August 3rd, finally.

Google has publicly announced that a new Pixel phone is arriving this Monday, and while there's a slim risk it might be a separate phone, Google itself has leaked a photo of the phone last month that fits everything else we'd heard about. Now, more phone renders have been leaked which appear to confirm many of the earlier rumors.

Teases about the handset have been circulating for months, including specs, drawings, camera samples, wallpapers, and even pictures of a production smartphone making the rounds. In April 9to5Google had a list on all the alleged Pixel 4A specs:

• 5.81-inch display (2340 x 1080 resolution)
• Snapdragon 730
• 64GB or 128GB storage
• 3,080mAh battery
• 12.2-megapixel rear camera
• Same video recording capabilities as Pixel 4 (max of 4K at 30fps)
• 8-megapixel front-facing camera (hole-punch cutout)
• Headphone jack
• Rear-mounted fingerprint reader
Eagle-eyed readers will also note Argarwal 's tweet pointing to the previously speculated 5 G version of the 4A, which was planned this fall with a $499 price tag along with a Pixel 5.

Agarwal also tweeted the 4A will be available in the United States, UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Japan, and Canada. His details jibs, with previously published camera specs.

Last year's Pixel 3A set the standard for sub-$400 phones, particularly when it came to camera performance; The Verge's Dieter Bohn said in his review that it was the best phone in its price range, with "a camera that's among the best you can find on any smartphone."

Google spotlighted the low-light photography of the camera in ads at the time of its release, comparing the Pixel 3A to Apple's much more expensive iPhones.

Yet since then, for just $399, Apple has launched the iPhone SE 2020, boasting both the company's best single-lens camera and the best processor too. The Verge analysis found the SE 2020 iPhone a decent buy and a strong handset, saying it's expected to last longer than comparable Android phones, with camera features that "punches over the weight level."