Oppo also revealed plans for the first smartwatch, the Oppo Mobile, to be launched globally. The app was released with a modified version of Android in China earlier this year but Oppo is shipping the global edition on board with Google's Wear OS.

Oppo describes the Oppo Watch as the first smartwatch in the world with a double-curved touch screen, meaning the OLED glass bends on two sides, like many of the company's products. For the larger edition it is available in sizes 46 mm and 41 mm with optional LTE connectivity. The 430mAh battery charges within 75 minutes and is half finished in 15 minutes.

I've already checked the Oppo Watch's Chinese version and considered the hardware to be pretty decent but it's difficult to ignore the fact that it looks a lot like an Apple Watch. As I wrote back then:

Personally , I think this watch looks perfect in a vacuum, but it doesn't get around: people will either think you 're wearing an Apple Watch or know you 're wearing something that really looks like an Apple Watch. Whether this is what you expect out of your wristwear is up to you.

I liked what Oppo did on the Chinese edition of the phone, particularly some of the built-in features. Wear OS would certainly be an upgrade when it comes to making the app usable outside of China, but we will have to see if Oppo has achieved the same features with less power over the operating system.

Oppo claims the watch will start out in select markets starting today, but hasn't provided specific information on precisely when it will be and where. Nevertheless, we have pricing details for a few main areas. The 46 mm Oppo Watch in the UK will cost £ 369 ($484) and the 41 mm will cost £ 229 ($300), while in India it will cost Rs. 19,990 ($267) for the 46 mm and Rs. 14,990 ($200) for the 41 mm.