WhatsApp has a lot to love but also a few niggles which can rub people up the wrong way. Luckily, the software is continually undergoing development and you can guarantee that if a specific feature is missing or not functioning as you would like, there is a fair chance it will be sorted out quickly.

Yet just before improvements surface for you to use in the software, there are also clues in the code about what is currently being worked on.

We have already seen signs that multiple device support is in the works, and a new look at a beta version of the app's code reveals that the functionality could be near to completion.

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At the moment it is only possible to use the app on one device at a time, mainly because WhatsApp is connected to your phone number. Normally this means using it for messaging on your phone, but there are web and mobile applications that you need to enable with your phone. But this is a fiddly process, and many people are not really pursuing the multi-device support.

The choice to run WhatsApp on more than one platform is something that many people believe should have been available right from the start, and now it seems to be finally on the way. WABetaInfo took a look at WhatsApp 's new beta version and found references to "Connected Apps" inside Settings, and an interface for multi-device management.

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The app is currently undergoing development, and the way it will operate is not clear, but it looks as though it will be possible to use the same WhatsApp account on up to four devices soon. It is fantastic news for people switching between a phone, a tablet, a desktop computer and a laptop because this would mean a much smoother experience.

The parts of Linked Devices hidden in WhatsApp's beta version aren't functioning properly yet, but they do show what's on the horizon. Within the app, you will be able to add a new device that can use the same account, and you will be able to track and control which devices you are logging into using this GUI.