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Google revealed on Wednesday that it has introduced its YouTube creators SmartReply program, which will give certain users access to recommended answers based on what someone has posted.Unlike the SmartReply program that Google is currently using for Gmail, SmartReply on YouTube needs some extra tweaking due to how people use language on that site compared to email — it may also recommend auto-emojis.

"Compared to emails, which appear to be lengthy and dominated by structured language, YouTube comments show nuanced patterns of language switching, abbreviated phrases, slang, incoherent use of punctuation, and heavy use of emoji," Google said about the feature in its blog post.

The blog goes into much more technical depth about how Google changed SmartReply for YouTube, but essentially, the previous program was written only for a limited number of languages and writing genres.It was clearly not all that consistent with the way language is used in the comments section on YouTube, which has its own vocabulary and community. So, instead of using a pre-processing technique at word-level, YouTube's SmartReply uses a single cross-lingual model for all supported languages, including emojis, ASCII art, and language switches.

So, for instance, if someone comments with a heart emoji, SmartReply from YouTube might auto-suggest another heart in response. Or, if anyone comments negatively, SmartReply could auto-suggest a helpful response. Do any of the comments turn between English and Spanish? Yup, for that the AI algorithm still has something up its sleeves.

According to The Next Web, however, the tool will only work with comments that SmartReply believes creators are likely to engage with, so it may not come up with a witty response to internet trolls that invade the comments. (Shame.) But if a designer also responds to negative feedback, it may be the same.

The most important advantage for SmartReply is the amount of time it saves, because I have learned from myself while reacting to emails. Yes, typing out "thanks" doesn't take that long, but clicking on a button is even easier and the word appears without having to put too much thought into it.If you've got a lot of emails to go through in a day, a godsend is something to help save time. The same principle applies to the makers of YouTube, who pass hundreds of comments on a single video. Something that allows them to respond quicker seems very useful.

Currently, youTube's revamped SmartReply function focuses on English and Spanish, but in the future Google plans to add more languages to its AI algorithm.