Facebook states that it is now developing a dark mode for its mobile devices, after introducing a dark mode for its web interface. As SocialMedia Today first noted, a spokesman told The Verge in an email Sunday that Facebook made the dark mode available to a very limited percentage of people worldwide. Facebook's mobile version of the dark mode introduced last month for desktop is "designed to minimize glare," particularly in low-light environments, the spokesperson said. However, there's no timeline yet for when all mobile users will have the dark mode available.

It's a little bit odd that it took Facebook this long to carry out a dark mobile mode; its Instagram, and WhatsApp apps also have dark mode, as does Facebook Messenger. For some time, Twitter has had a night mode version for its Android and iOS devices, and even Google released a dark mode earlier this year for its app.

Varieties of low-light and dark mode — which allow users to change the background color of an app window to black — are common not only because they make apps easier to display for certain users and are a little more esthetically pleasing, but also because certain versions of dark mode will help maintain the battery life of a device.