Failure primarily affected 'last seen' status on both Android and iOS operating systems.
Hundreds of users worldwide experience technical issues with the WhatsApp chat program. The last seen online status doesn't fit as well as some of the privacy settings issues according to the study. All Android and iOS operating systems are witnessing the malfunctions.

Websites and apps such as the independent Down Detector error monitor, which tracks suspicious events on digital channels, today (Friday) reported a dramatic increase in Facebook owned chat app reports lately. Down Detector has reported a peak of 4,000 reports about 'WhatsApp down.'Of those affected, about 70% have problems with the last-viewed WhatsApp feature, while 24% have link problems.

Consumers around the world have recorded the issues, from India to the U.K. Given the error, most WhatsApp users are able to send and receive messages on the Chat app.
WhatsApp, operated by Facebook, made no official comments regarding the 'technical' issues.WhatsApp introduced a new feature earlier this week: Payments from person to person. The new feature just went live with 120 million users in Brazil, the world's second-biggest market for the app. The largest market for WhatsApp is India, which has 400 million users.