Just weeks after the launch of HBO Max, which added HBO, HBO Go, and HBO Now to the already confusing HBO product lineup, WarnerMedia is making some changes in an attempt to reduce some of the confusion about which app is intended for which purpose.

HBO Max is the new streaming service of AT&T that allows you to access the entire HBO library plus additional content such as Cartoon Network shows and Studio Ghibli movies, before I go further.You can connect directly to HBO Max for a $14.99 monthly charge, but other cable networks do sell it free if you pay to HBO, so it's free as part of some AT&T broadband, phone or TV services.

The main thing to note is that HBO Max is simply an improved and rebranded version of HBO Now, the previous streaming-only service offered by the company. The HBO Now app was directly updated to become HBO Max on most platforms, such as Apple TV.

Cable subscribers could stream HBO shows using an app called HBO Go, before HBO Max existed. As of July 31, WarnerMedia will get rid of that app (or "sunset" it, in WarnerMedia 's language) from "primary platforms." If you used to focus on HBO Go, a lot of cable providers would now let you sign in to HBO Max.