Roughly every sci-fi movie involves a moment where one of the characters talks to find out where they are, start their vehicle or interact with friends or family in a gadget on their wrist. Finally, technology caught up with cinema in the form of smart watches.

What Is a Smart Watch?

Of course, smart watches can tell time but they also do a lot of other useful things. Though functions vary widely from watch to watch, some of the things Smart Watches can do here are:

> Make calls;
> Connect to your virtual assistant, such as Alexa or Siri;
> Check your heart rate;
> Track sleep patterns;
> Use GPS to track or find your location;
> Alert you to reminders;
> Add dates to your calendar;
> Count calories burned;
> Perform compass functions;
> Detect falls;
> Alert you when noise around you could damage your ears;
> Menstrual cycle tracking;
> Music streaming;
> Music storage;

Why Are Smart Watches Working?

The majority of smart watches operate alongside your phone. Using Bluetooth, you connect the smart watch to your phone so it can make calls and access data such as sleep habits, calories burned and calendars through the watch app.

What are some famous Brands for Smart Watch?

Many smart watches are available on the market, but some of the most popular are Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin and Samsung. Apple watches tend to offer more functionality than most brands do.

How much does it cost to Smart Watches?

Most of the smart watches run between $150 and $400. The price varies depending on how advanced the watch is and your choice of faceplate and band. Watches that track only health stats (heart rate, calories burned, etc.) are typically cheaper, for example. Watches with call / texting capabilities, virtual assistant capabilities, and music streaming are more expensive.But there are exceptions. The Versa 2 is only $150, it can be used with Alexa, it creates and sends texts and it allows streaming music.

Considerations Before Buying

There are a few things to consider when buying a smart watch. First, you need to find out which operating system the watch uses, so you know if it is compatible with your phone and your choice of virtual assistant. Watches with an Apple iOS just work with Siri, for example. This information can be found on the Specifications page of the watch.

Find out next if your smart watch can operate without your nearby phone, because if you need to be close to your phone, a smart watch isn't that useful. An Apple watch, other than Series 3 and Series 4, can't be far from running all of its functions on a computer.

Finally , look at lifespan of the battery. Some watches can last up to seven days without charging, while some more often have to be charged.