Apple has modified the satellite imagery to include the latest Black Lives Matter mural of Washington DC in its maps app. The mural takes over two 16th Street blocks near the White House, after the DC mayor, Muriel Bowser, renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza.

Notably, as noted by the app sleuth Jane Manchun Wong, Apple appears to have patched its existing satellite imagery to show the new mural, leaving the surrounding area as it was. That suggests a quick-track update beyond normal refresh cycles. Google Maps displays the renamed plaza in its satellite imagery but not the new mural.

The mural was unveiled Friday as a gesture of support and solidarity with Americans protesting police violence following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Mayor Bowser 's response to President Trump, who has sparred with the mayor about how best to respond to the protestors, is also highly defiant. The mural ends at St. John's Episcopal Church, where Trump used tear gas and riot shields to stage a photo op with a bible, shortly after police violently evacuated peaceful protesters, including St. John's priests.

US Representative John Lewis described the mural as "a strong piece of art." Despite his stage, 4 cancer, the 80-year-old civil rights activist said he was so moved that he "wanted to see it in person," CNN reports.