Google launched the Currents beta last year, which was essentially a Google+ rebrand for users of G Suite, since Google+ came to meet its maker in April 2019 for consumers. Though Google+ was intended to be an all-purpose social network, what Microsoft is doing with Yammer or Facebook with Workplace is more similar to the concept behind Currents.It is intended to be a platform for internal meetings and updates for employees.

To make matters more complicated, Google kept Google+ around, even after Currents was launched, but in an email to G Suite admins, it has now announced that Google+ will close its doors on July 6, after which there will be no way to opt out of Currents or return to Google+.
And with that, Google has thrown the final nail into the coffin of Google+. The mobile applications on Google+ will be updated automatically to Currents. All current Google+ connections will be redirected towards Currents.

Going forward, Google+ will only live on as a hazy memory, filled with circles of friends, all of whom were forced to use their real name (at least at the start), +1 buttons everywhere, sparks and the promise of fun games, ripples and more.
Currents is all business — and while I'm not aware of many companies that are using it, it looks like a solid option for companies that would otherwise use the Microsoft ecosystem Yammer / Teams combination. We can continue countdown now, I suppose, before Google launches another social network.