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Nuro's driverless delivery robots can bring medication to Texas CVS customers

Nuro, an autonomous vehicle company created by two ex-Google engineers, will be using its limited fleet of road-legal distribution robots to carry pharmaceuticals to CVS consumers in Houston , Texas, the companies revealed Thursday. Deliveries wil...

Researchers develop AI algorithm to spot brain injuries

Researchers claim they have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that can detect and identify different types of brain injuries. The research team from Cambridge University and Imperial College London, clinically validated and teste...

Ballie the rolling robot is Samsung's near-future vision of personal care

The first thing I notice when I pick up Ballie is how light it is: It's about the size of a hefty grapefruit but much less dense. Ballie's plastic, scalloped frame gives a sense of playfulness to this otherwise undescribed ball, one that would not ha...

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